A bundle of joy

Celine is just such a bundle of joy. I was having headaches but still spent some time playing with her. It’s always such a joy to see her crawling here and there and then giggling as we play with her. She finds such happiness in just standing up and falling down (on the bed) and then giggles away for a while before she repeats all that again. She brings much laughters even on a hot Saturday afternoon.

Celine is about 9.5 month old now. I just think babies grow up too quickly. Just a few months ago, she was only a fragile little infant in my arms and now she isn’t even 1 year old and could already understand us when we speak to her. It’s so fast! She is already trying to stand on her own without support. The whole day I saw her trying to stand up by holding to the rail of the playpen or back support of the sofa and then letting go of her hands one by one to allow herself to stand without support! We didn’t teach her that. It was just her instinct to want to progress and grow. This is just so amazing…

So as Celine approaches her one year old birthday, we are also thinking and planning for a second child. At any time, I tell people that I always wanted to have 3 kids since young. In fact, my ideal age of giving birth to my first child was 24! O well, life didn’t go as I planned and so I gave birth to my first child at 36 instead. :S At this age, I am just very happy to have a healthy child but then I guess deep down I still really desire to have 3 if I can have my way. I still have a frozen embryo and so I am going to try to thaw that and see if it is still good to be put into my uterus, and hopefully I get pregnant with that. Else I may just go with doing IVF all over again. The whole needle and blood works and scans too… I could see that little wish in hubby’s eyes not to let me go through all that again. O well. When I had none and the joy of having a child drove me to go through all that. So now that I have one and all the joy I busk in, even more, it’s not a problem going through those stuff again. SO. If I can have my way, I still hope to have 3 kids. We shall see.

Meanwhile, I am really enjoying being mother to this bundle of joy. Love her!


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